Sapelo Island Library

Tiny, remote Sapelo Island off the coast of Georgia is a jewel that has captivated me all of my adult life, and my writing from the first book. The only way to reach Sapelo is by ferry boat. All of the island's black residents can trace their ancestry back to one of 400 slaves brought from the west coast of Africa to work the old cotton plantation. They are the Salt Water Geechee of Hog Hammock and Raccoon Bluff. Preservation of the island resources, the community of Hog Hammock, and the Geechee culture are important initiatives that I strongly support. Today is the birthday of an important community leader: Michele Johnson, artist and founder/librarian of the Sapelo Island Library. Sending a few books her way as a gift to the library. For more information about Sapelo, go to: To see Michele's art and writing go to: