Hiking Journal

I love being outdoors in the world. As a kid I spent most of my days in the woods and creeks around our house, usually barefoot. My sister and I built twig forts, created fairy villages around stumps, climbed trees, tipped stones in the creek to find crayfish and minnows and salamanders, spied on the boys.

When I had my own kids they came along with me on my outdoor adventures. We discovered Letterboxing which is the analog version of geocaching. Letterboxing doesn't utilize technology to find the hidden treasure box. LB clues are often puzzles or stories or orienteering instructions. The idea is to go on a walk or a hike to find a particular hidden box that contains a handmade rubber stamp planted by another letterboxer. When you find it you collect the image inside in a book that you carry with you. That book becomes a record of your quests as well as a tiny gallery of art treasures. A  very good place to begin learning about letterboxing is Atlas Quest.

Now my sons are all grown-up but you will still find me packing up for outdoor adventures on a regular basis. I hike as often as possible during the week and also camp and backpack whenever I can. Hikers sometimes have a "trail name" they enter into park registers on long hikes like the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. My trail name is Quill. If you are interested in my outdoor travels I sometimes keep a trail journal with photos. You can find them here: Quill's Trail Journals

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