What A Writer Needs: GOALS

It's a NEW YEAR, and time for personal and professional resolutions. Unfortunately the typical resolution falls by the wayside in about 12 weeks. Goals are easy to make, but hard to realize. As a writer with no one but myself to answer to I understand the temptation to mindlessly surf the web, knock-out household chores, or do anything to avoid working through a snag in my story or dive into a long tedious revision.

I have no magic incantation or words of wisdom that will change the fact that it's not easy to hold yourself accountable to your own goals. It's not easy to keep your butt planted in your chair and stare at a defiant computer screen; it's not easy to start a new project in the face of numerous rejections; it's not easy to allow others to read your work and comment on it. It's not easy, but who promised you it would be?

It's January so set some reasonable goals and push toward them this year.  Make things happen for yourself. Just begin! This year I pledge to finish two professional projects I started in 2010, and begin two new projects in 2011.  Briefly:

1. I will publish my first paperback under the SIX HENS PRESS label. I created this publishing company for the sole purpose of keeping my previously published titles in print and available, and to give me greater options and flexibility as publishing moves swiftly into uncharted territory.

2. I will finish a new YA novel begun last year. Such a fun but daunting project to work through!

3. I want to begin work on a new picture book idea as soon as the novel is through its first draft.

4. I will give more attention to my blog! Each month I'll post under the heading "What A Writer Needs." Check back to see what is on my mind, in my heart, and my inbox.

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